The Toolbox (window> toolbars >toolbox)
The Toolbox can be shaped to your liking by clicking on the bottom right corner and dragging. It can also be docked to the top or left of your screen by dragging it there. It must be undocked (just drag it away) before it can be resized.
Lasso: use to make odd-shaped selections.

Text: use to begin a type block.(click and type).

Polygon: Double click on icon to specify # of sides.

Spiral: Draw spirals.

Most of these tools have settings that you can access by double-clicking the icon in the toolbox.
Freehand: Draw with the mouse. You specify smoothing.
Bezigon: Click to place points, lines automatically connect.

Knife: Cuts lines and shapes. Specify closed or open cuts.

Reflect: Double-click to specify reflection angle.
Skew: Distorts shapes.
Perspective: Turn on perspective grid, choose object with this tool, and use arrow keys to place on grid.
Magnify: Click to enlarge, option click to reduce, or click and drag a box around desired area.
Pointer: Click to select objects. Hold shift for multiple objects, click and drag to select group of objects.
Eyedropper: Drag and drop color from image to color palette

Rectangle: Click and drag to make rectangle shapes. Hold shift to make squares.

Ellipse: Click and drag to make ellipses. Hold shift to make circles.
Line: Click and drag to make straight lines.
Freehand: Draw with the mouse. You specify smoothing.
Freeform: Use to push and pull outline of existing shape
Rotate: Click on point of shape to rotate at that point.

Scale: Easier to double click on shape or use transform palette than to use this tool.

Trace: Traces imported objects. Works best with graphic images.

Page tool: Use to arrange pages on pasteboard  (moves pages in relation to each other)