High School Program 2019

Neurological Disorders and the Brain

Bioinformatics tools and resources to study healthy and diseased brains

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Exercise 1:       Browsing the Aging, Dementia and Traumatic Brain on aging.brain-map.org
Exercise 2:       Go to Tabula Muris, scroll down to "Visualization". Select FACS and Brain Non-Myeloid and look one at a time the list of genes in this table. Write where each gene is expressed. What "marker genes" could you use to identify each type of cell?
Exercise 3:       Find which brain cells express GAD1 and GFAP by looking at immune staining of those proteins in the brain: proteinatlas.org
Exercise 4:       Questions on Tay-Sachs disease:
  • 4a:      Which gene is responsible for the disease? Go to OMIM and search for "Tay-Sachs disease"
  • 4b:      How does the mutation of this gene result in Tay-Sachs disease? On the same OMIM page, look under "Biochemical features".
  • 4c:      What mutations in this gene cause Tay-Sachs disease? On the same OMIM page, look under "Molecular Genetics".      For a more complete list, go to the UCSC Genome Browser (human hg38) and search for the gene. Under "Phenotype and literature", set "ClinVar Variants" to "Pack". The red variants are pathogenic.
  • Exercise 2 solution