Supplementary files: An embryonic stem cell-like gene expression signature
in poorly differentiated aggressive human tumors

Ittai Ben-Porath, Matthew W. Thomson, Vincent J. Carey, Ruping Ge, George W. Bell, Aviv Regev and Robert A. Weinberg. Nature Genetics, 2008 [PubMed].

Supplementary data files

Gene sets

  1. ES-associated gene sets (Supplementary Table 1): Supp Tbl 1-GeneSets.xls
  2. Proliferation gene sets (Supplementary Table 3): Supp Tbl 3-ProlSets.xls
  3. ES TFs (Supplementary Table 4): Supp Tbl 4-ESTFs.xls
  4. Top 100 nearest neighbor genes (Supplementary Table 5): Supp Tbl 5-NN.xls

Breast cancer

  1. Normalized compendium expression data: BrCa-comp_array.txt
  2. Samples in compendium and data sources (Supplementary Table 2): Supp Tbl 2-Comp.xls
  3. Clinical compendium annotations: BrCa-comp_annots.xls
  4. Patient survival data used in meta-analysis: Breast-Survival.xls


  1. Normalized expression data: Fine-Glioma_array.txt
  2. Clinical annotations: Fine-Glioma_annots.txt
    Source: Sun, L. et al.
    Neuronal and glioma-derived stem cell factor induces angiogenesis within the brain. Cancer Cell 9, 287-300 (2006).
    GDS1962 (NCBI GEO)


  1. Normalized expression data: Sanchez-Bladder_array.txt
  2. Clinical annotations: Sanchez-Bladder_annots.txt
    Source: Sanchez-Carbayo, M., Socci, N.D., Lozano, J., Saint, F. and Cordon-Cardo, C.
    Defining molecular profiles of poor outcome in patients with invasive bladder cancer using oligonucleotide microarrays. J Clin Oncol 24, 778-789 (2006)